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Student internship

Dear Student! If you live in Zduńska Wola or its vicinity we would like to invite you to have internship at a large and dynamic stock exchange listed company!

Be active and ensure your succcessful future career tight now!

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An internship at our company is an opportunity to get skills under the supervision of professionals and explore an operational area of our company which you choose. Our goal is to support students so that you could "emerge" in the rather difficult labour market...

WE OFFER INTERNSHIPS in the following areas of our company:

  • Marketing Department
  • HR Department
  • Domestic Sales Department
  • Export Department
  • IT Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Personnel Department
  • Production Department
  • Debt Collection Department
  • Logistics Department

Internship Localisation: Zduńska Wola

The dates and duration of internships are decided on an individual basis; internships are offered the whole year round.

If you are interested in STUDENT INTERNSHIP at our company, please send us your CV and cover letter via our form.

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mon - fr, 8:00 - 16:00


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